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MLL Commentary - From a loyal ALA user

The following was written by an ALA user who asked us to put this up on our site. We thought it was pretty good, so we did. Strong comments one way or the other are welcome.

Hard Hitting… Fast Paced… High Scoring… The “Innovating” tactics of Major League Lacrosse are supposedly making the game more exciting, but it is really only bastardizing the sport. Some changes from the traditional college game seem to be purposeless, made for the sake of being different. These changes not only turn away field purists, they also portray the game in an unprofessional manner.

Initially it was the two-point line. I went to one game where a team was down by four goals, but didn’t even attempt a two-point goal as time ran down. Why is a shot from sixteen yards out or whatever it is worth two points? What’s next, three points for a backhand shot? Five points if your goalie scores? How about ten if you score with a special “powerball” which you can request once per half? It’s ridiculous. I went to a handful of games in the last two years, and I could barely see the two-point line anyway. Any shot that was close was a tossup whether it was awarded two points or not. Not only is it a dumb rule, it’s horribly enforced too.

How about those cool yellow referee shirts? (sarcasm). The zebras now stand out wearing bright yellow. Are they trying to imitate soccer or something? When I saw that on TV I thought the refs forgot their jerseys and were just wearing undershirts instead. They do look that bad.

Speaking of ugly colours, what’s up with those pink balls they used at the “LacrosseStar” Game? Not only do they look bad, they also have “ridges” that are supposed to increase velocity. The purists are going to love that if they use this for regular season play. I can’t wait until the Powell’s start using pink mesh in their sticks to help fool the goalies.

The MLL has done way too much to irritate the lacrosse community. Not allowing players to represent their country in international competition is just immoral, especially after September 11. Why shouldn’t players such as Mark Millon or the Powell brothers be able to compete for the United States? Why is the 2001 Championship Game MVP, Paul Gait, suspended from the league for representing his nation?

Best players in the world? Where is John Grant, Jr? Tracey Kelusky? John Tavares? Darren and Kevin Lowe? All of these players elected to sit out. They elected to compete in the premiere international lacrosse tournament, not against “Booger” and the 1-8 Bridgeport Barrage, in some slum baseball stadium in front of 500 people.

It’s poetic justice when you see ‘announced’ crowds of 3,000 or so in the field lacrosse capitals of the world, Baltimore and Long Island. It’s even funnier when there are that many people in an 80,000-seat stadium. The MLL has showed no respect for what existed before they established, and they continue to stomp on the interests of those who love this game most.