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News Flash - Exposing the Changes at MLL has learned that this years MLL Championship game will be held at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus Ohio. Columbus is one of the top three sites for possible expansion in 2003, the other sites being Northern Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Official announcement from MLL to come later in the day.

MLL to use new lacrosse ball: Starting this week, the MLL will use an orange lacrosse ball as it's official game ball. The ball, designed by Warrior, also has dimples similar to a golf ball. "The ball is designed to be more accurate and faster" said MLL spokesman Dave Klewan. Mr. Klewan emphasized that the dimples are very tiny, saying the ball looks as if it had been poked with a needle. The color was chosen to make the game easier to follow. Other colors that were considered were green, red, and yellow. Green was not chosen because the ball became hard to see on grass, red was too dark, yellow was too light. As of yet, the MLL has no rules prohibiting players from using orange colored mesh, saying they will deal with that problem as it comes up.