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Youth Lacrosse Equipment Starter Package

First, if we talk about Lacrosse sport, according to Wikipedia,“ It’s a team sport played between two teams using lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball by carrying the ball in lacrosse stick and shooting into opponent’s goal.”

Now if talk about the best lacrosse equipment starter kit, it has different sets of equipment for men and women. Lacrosse starter kits include lacrosse sticks, protective gear and shoulder pads.

In men’s kit, it includes helmets, lacrosse sticks, gloves, knee pads and shoulder pads.

In women’s or girl's kit, it includes a stick, gloves and eye protection and some kits also include bags, ball and other items.


Here we are giving all the necessary details about kit items in the starter kit.

Stick: You may require a lacrosse stick depending on whether you are a midfielder, defender or goalie. Theirs is a lot to know before choosing the right stick for you. You may also opt for a customized stick by choosing head and shaft individually.

Gloves: Good pair of gloves will be a key factor in your performance. You should choose the one that will provide protection, flexibility and comfort. Players except goalie can have their gloves been torn because they mostly lack extra padding.

Cleats: If you are looking for best lacrosse cleats, you should choose one that is lightweight and can breathe too. You can also go for detachable cleats or go for spike less design that will help you giving your one hundred percent on turf. There are so many features like mid-cut, low-cut gives more speed and light weight comfort.Be careful about the standard size and regulations regarding cleat size.

Protective Equipment: Males will require a lacrosse helmet for heads that fits comfortably and properly. Now coming to the shoulder-pads that will fit your style as offenders typically need fundamental coverage while mid-fielders need protection that does not slow down motion and defenders need the least amount of padding and you can also have extra protection for kidney and ribs.

Elbow and arm pads are essential and available in four different styles of play.

  1. Arm Pad: For beginners that slides easily.
  2. Arm Guard: It provides more protection than arm pad and also includes elbow pad for extra protection.
  3. Elbow Guard: Ideal for offenders and midfielders.
  4. Elbow Pad: Mainly used by defenders as it provides freedom of movement.

Goalie Gear: If you guard the goal, you need some extra supportive gear. You can wear the same helmet as others but you need extra chin guard to secure that part too. You also need chest guard to guard your torso against high-speed shots that you will face in the game. We also recommend goalie specific gloves that contain extra padding to avoid injuries to fingers.

Apparel: In apparels, you will need t-shirts, practice-shorts and socks for practice and matches also.

Accessories: You can keep a bag to store all the accessories, extra balls and grips.

In the end, to buy the best Lacrosse starter kit, you need to pay attention to these tips and points as they will surely help you to buy the best products.